Love Cocoa Chocolate Truffle BonBons 8 Piece



NEW for 2021 Love Cocoa’s Chocolate Truffle BonBons, be quick to try with a special intro price!

Four creamy, luxurious fillings encased in exquisitely hand-decorated chocolate shells.

Hand picked flavours, chosen by James Cadbury himself, make up this delicious box of decadent BonBons;

Pistachio Cream

One for the nut-lovers: smooth and buttery cream with a delicate hint of pistachio.

Sea Salt Caramel

A modern classic: salty meets sweet with an oozy silken caramel centre.

Raspberry Mousse

A vibrant pairing: velvety dark chocolate infused with zingy and refreshing raspberry

75% Dark Chocolate Ganache

One for the purists: an intense hit of smooth, silky dark chocolate ganache.

Each chocolate is splashed with vibrant colour to reflect the intense flavours inside, designed to make your taste buds dance!

🌱 This pack plants 1 tree in Northern Cameroon!


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